What’s  K A B L O O E Y? It’s a Quest.

I’m taking steps to make creative work a central part of my life. No more using anxiety, depression or even my kid as an excuse. She’s not an excuse for failing to create things, but rather, should be my impetus to finally change.

The Goal: I want to live a life of which she (and I) can be proud.

Secondary Goal: Trying to ensure that my family doesn’t appear on Supernanny: The Intervention.


Well, good luck with that. But who are you?

I’m K A B L O O E Y — a 49 year-old-mom of the now 8 year-old Moochie, adult kids Lonzie and The Big Puppy, and partner of Phineas. I’m a non-practicing filmmaker who is trying to procrastinate less and create more.

If you want to provide a (welcome) distraction from the things I should be doing,  email me at kablooeyquest@gmail.com or tweet me @kblooey


The Unabridged History of My Proactivity


Born 6 weeks early, and clearly unhinged
by the experience, baby K A B L O O E Y
vows a lifetime of procrastination.

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