Word Verification Sniglets

Feel free to submit your own or define those I haven’t.

Afrigood namer:  the gentleman who creates the new names for African nations once they shed their colonial ties.  Afrigood Namer thought long and hard about the country formerly known as the Belgian Congo, when it came to him: its new name would be the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  

typhoo: a severe rotary storm that derives its energy from cloud formations and rainfall, develops in the Western Pacific, has sustained winds of over 74 mph, and ends far more suddenly than the TV weatherbotsreporting from rain-lashed beaches led you to believe. It must have just been a typhoo; Stormy Daniels is doing the weather in the studio again!

clashout: to wear aggressively mismatched clothes as an act of social defiance. John just had to clashout; he wore a pink mohair sweater and zebra striped Hammer pants to the party celebrating his father’s being named country club president.

hatives: (pron: hay’-tivs) jingoistic local denizens. “I tried asking for directions to The Pompidou Center, but the hatives wouldn’t give me the time of day.”

hestoni: extreme overacting, of the Charleton Heston, scenery-chewing variety. “It wasn’t quite ‘Soylent Green is people!’ terrible, but Marci’s performance as Rizzo was very hestoni.”

unded: a species of spelling-challenged zombie. “Did you know an unded is unleashed from the Underworld every time someone texts ‘kewl’?”

cesiffil: a new “green” landfill made from poop. “Do you like my man-made archipelago? It’s 100% cesiffil!”

vamine: a female sexual dry spell. “Ever since Travis and I broke up, I’ve been in a vamine.”

tailice: a cold rear-end. “I can’t believe you’re sweating and I’ve got a tailice.”

angly: built like a rock star; synonym: “roller-skate skinny” coined by J. Salinger. “My Noah went to summer camp a squidgy little boy; he came back all tan and angly.”

copayann: the friend who always throws $20 onto the table, no matter what she owes for her share of the meal. “Everybody cough up another two bucks; this is all Copayann left before splitting early.”

unbiliti: a mother who hovers unnecessarily close to her child, perhaps fearing that the offspring cannot survive without her. In reality, the opposite is usually true. Janice had such an unbiliti, she tried to get in the baby swing with little Emily.

progasms: (Insert own “I’ll have what she’s having” joke here. (“Hehhehheh, she said “insert.”))

surlyopr: what happens when Ms. Winfrey (or I, for that matter) go on a no-carb diet. Gail says steer clear of Oprah today; she had steamed cod and dry broccoli for lunch and she’s one surlyopr.

exagon: what geeky working class Brits call a six-sided polygon. Hey, guv, that’s a lovely ‘exagon you doodled with your Biro.


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