Four Hour Writing Class

January 24, 2014

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I just finished a four night, online, free-writing class taught (and when I say taught, I mean gently, lovingly, engagingly coached) by Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary. That wasn’t very clear. It was a class about Free-Writing, not a free class (at 39 bucks, it was practically free, but cost just enough to insure you’d get behind your computer on time).

Heather defined free-writing as writing vividly from emotion, not intellect. She talked about tapping into her heart/gut place. I don’t want to paraphrase and muddy what was perfectly clear and inspiring in the moment.

Also, for those like myself with advanced postgraduate degrees in Procrastination Studies, there was only one ten minute assignment to complete. And the other members of the class seemed like great people. If we could all teleport to a coffee shop, I’d love to meet weekly as a writer’s group.

I don’t know when the class will be offered again, but here’s a link to the class I took. Thanks Heather! Now I will try to post on Just Write Tuesdays.

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