Damn Word Verification Monkeys Are Tapping Into My Thoughts Again

February 13, 2012

in Why It's Hard Being Me, Word Verification Monkees

I just wrote a comment and guess what the Word Verification box asked me to type:
Now I’m afraid to write a follow-up comment, because I know the next in the queue’s going to be “ill.”
BTW: Queue is hard to spell.  To allude to the old Demitri Martin bit about stopping to early or going too far when spelling banana, i.e. “bana… bananana,” I have trouble spelling queue.  Que… queue… queue… queueueu….
I should just have written next one up.
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Smooshiest February 14, 2012 at 8:33 am

There’s no graphic to support your post!! Mwah!!


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